CTC Firefighting

CTC Firefighting

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 8/31/11


What are the steps to donning a SCBA.


1.  PT
2.  PPE Donning
3.  Maze

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Firefighter II 8/30/11

Journal:  Describe the steps in donning your PPE. 


1.  PT
2.  1 Firefighter low shoulder carry
3.  1 Firefighter flat raise
4.  Tie the halyard with a clove hitch and overhand safety
5.  2 Firefighter low shoulder carry
6.  2 Firefighter flat raise
7.  Leg lock off of a ladder

Firefighter I 8/30/11

Journal:  Define the following ICS terms:  Span of control, division of labor, and unity of command.


1.  Read Chapter 2
2.  Answer the end of chapter questions
3.  Module 2 Safety PowerPoint
4.  PT

First Responder 8/29/11

Journal:  Describe the history of EMS during and directly after the Civil War.


1.  ICS-100
2.  ICS-100 Test

Introduction to Firefighting 8/29/11

Journal:  What safety topics are covered under NFPA 1500?


1.  PPE PowerPoint
2.  PT
3.  Gear Doffing
4.  The Maze

Friday, August 26, 2011

Firefighter II 8/26/11

Journal:  What do you think is your greatest firefighting skill strength and why?


1.  PT
2.  1152 Skills Review (PPE)

Firefighter I 8/26/11

Journal:  Define span of control, unity of command, and division of labor.


1.  Read chapter 1 in the Essentials Manual and answer the end of chapter questions.
2.  1152 Module O
3.  1152 Module 1
4.  1152 Chapter 1 Quiz
5.  PT

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Responder 8/25/11

Journal:  List the three levels of EMT in South Carolina and explain how their skill levels differ.


1.  Review EMT skill level worksheet
2.  History of EMS
3.  EMS History Quiz

Introduction to Firefighting

Journal:  What are your college and career goals, and how do you plan on reaching these aspirations?


1.  Firefighter Safety PPT Part 1
2.  Firefighter Safety PPT Part 2
3.  Firefighter Safety Quiz
4.  Physical Training
5.  Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (Up to Eye Protection)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Firefighter II 8/24/11

Journal:  What are your college and career plans and how do you plan on achieving these aspirations?


Like the juniors, he seniors were also allowed to experience the start to a typical day at the fire station.  The Firefighter II Class waxed the fire truck and also participated in the Anderson City Fire Department New Hire Physical Training Test.  Brandon Eddleman passed all three portions of the test.

Firefighter I 8/24/11

Journal:  Why do you think that physical fitness is important in the fire service?


Today the Firefighter I class got the opportunity to experience how career firefighters begin each shift, by doing physical training and washing the fire truck.  The student's were taught the motto that Mr. Riddle was taught from a wise old lieutenant "A clean fire truck, is a happy fire truck."  The students also got the opportunity to practice the Anderson City Fire Department New Hire Physical Training Test.  The test consists of a set standard number of push ups and sit ups that must be completed in one minute and a mile and a half run that has to be completed under a set time.  The students performed well with 5 of the students meeting or exceeding the standard in all 3 components.  Those students were Corey Bell, Nathan Huff, Tyler Fulbright, Justin McNeill, and Adam Kowaleski. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Responder 8/23/11

Journal:  What are your expectations for the First Responder class?


1. EMT Skill level worksheet (Needs to be finished for homework if you did not finish in class)
2. Driver Rider presentation

Introduction to Firefighting 8/23/11

Journal:  Why is physical fitness important in the fire service?


1. Physical Training PowerPoint
2. Physical Training Quiz
3. New Student Orientation Meeting
4. PT Test

Monday, August 22, 2011

Firefighter II 8/22/11


1.  Turn in all paperwork and pay fees
2.  Driver/Rider Class
3.  Gear Issue
4.  Physical Fitness PowerPoint
5.  Physical Fitness Quiz

Reminder:  Physical Fitness Pre-Test will be Wednesday.  Remember to bring your proper PT clothes.

Firefighter I 8/22/11


1.  Turn in all paperwork and pay fees
2.  Gear Issue
3.  Physical Fitness PowerPoint

Reminder:  Physical Fitness Pre-Test will be Wednesday.  Remember to bring your proper PT clothes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Firefighter I

Reminder to all WHS and BHP Juniors:  Remember to get your Explorer Application and your SCFA 1152 Application filled out, signed by your parents, and returned to class on Thursday.

Also, a new addition will be added to the class on Thursday.  This will be available for those who leave their outfit at home.  You know who you are.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Back!!!

After a short summer, its time to get back into the swing of things.  I hope each and every one of you had a restful and relaxing summer.  The summer was special for 3 CTC Firefighting students who earned their 1152 certification in a 3 week recruit style 1152 class taught at the Anderson County Training Facility.  Mr. Riddle was one of the assisting instructors and had the privilege of teaching Jacob "Flash" Wilson, Andrew "Tiny" Heyward, and Michael "Boomhauer" Ellison in the class.  All 3 students will be enrolled in the Firefighter I class this year.