CTC Firefighting

CTC Firefighting

Friday, April 29, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 4/29/11


What would you do if you encountered an unconscious infant who did not have a pulse or any other sign of life?  If your Rescue Breaths do not go in, what is the next step of action?


1.  Soft Tissue Injuries PowerPoint
2.  Bandaging a Wound
3.  Bandaging an Impaled Object
4.  Fire Service Traditions Project

Flash after being impaled with the infamous chapstick

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Firefighter I 4/28/11


Explain the steps for loading a triple layer load attack line.


1.  Skills Evaluation

I'm not sure if this works better as a prank or as punishment, either way the creativity of students never ceases to amaze me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 4/27/11


Describe the steps for giving care to an adult in cardiac arrest.


1.  Adult unconscious choking
2.  Child unconscious choking
3.  Infant unconscious choking

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Firefighter I 4/26/11


Describe the steps for performing the two firefighter beam raise on a 24' extension ladder.


1.  Skills Review

Monday, April 25, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 4/25/11


Explain the steps for performing rescue breathing on a child and infant.

1.  Adult CPR
2.  Infant CPR
3.  Child CPR

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 4/22/11


Explain the differences in checking an unconscious adult, infant, and child.


1.  Child conscious choking
2.  Infant conscious choking
3.  Child rescue breathing
4.  Infant rescue breathing

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Firefighter I 4/20/11


Name and describe the 5 types of building construction.


1.  Written Test
2.  Skills Evaluations

The morning Firefighter I class had a group of visitors from Marshall Primary School.  The class gladly took a break from their training to speak to the children about the importance of fire safety and career opportunities in the fire service.  CTC also presented each student with a fire helmet and a fire prevention packet.

Meat takes time out of his training to speak with the kids.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CTC Students Participate in Live Fire Training in Belton

On April 18th, the Rock Springs Fire Department invited the Belton Fire Department to train with them in a live fire training evolution in an acquired structure.  Three CTC students (Stephen Eller, J.D. Greene, and Cale "Swell" Sewell) and the instructor participated in the training.  All three of the students were allowed to perform fire attack and search inside the burning structure.  The live fire training allowed the students to get a more realistic view of fighting a structure fire than a burn building can provide.  All of the students had a great time and did an excellent job.  A special thanks goes to the Rock Springs Fire Department for their continued support of the CTC Firefighting Program and to Sherry Guy for doing a great job photographing the fire.

Mr. Riddle preparing to begin the training

Stephen Eller (Blue Helmet) waiting his turn on fire attack

Cale "Swell" Sewell gearing up

Mr. Riddle making one last offensive push before letting the structure burn

Fully involved

Intoduction to Firefighting 4/19/11


Describe the steps for checking an unconscious adult.


1.  Breathing emergencies
2.  Assessing an unconscious child/infant
3.  Assisting a conscious adult/child/infant choking
4.  Adult rescue breathing

Firefighter I 4/18/11


What are the major topics covered in the Basic Firefighter Class?


1.  Written Test Review
2.  Skills Review

Friday, April 15, 2011

Introduction to Firefighting 4/15/11


Describe the ways that a person can recognize an emergency.


1.  Checking an ill or injured person
2.  Describe the process for checking an unconscious adult

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Firefighter I 4/14/11


What did you learn from the live fire training exercise?


Today the AM Firefighter I Class had the opportunity to put the skills that they have been learning all year to work.  The students participated in a live fire training.  The students extinguished a pallet structure that they had built the previous class.  The students gained valuable real world knowledge in the areas of Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Hose, Fire Streams, and Fire Control.  The Belton Fire Department sent an engine and crew to stand by and assist as safeties during the training.  A special thanks goes out the BFD for all their help in making CTC Firefighting a success.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Firefighter I 4/12/11


What was the best part of your Spring Break?


Today both the AM and PM Firefighter I classes prepped for the upcoming training scenario on Thursday.  The students built a "structure" from pallets and scrap wood to set on fire for the AM class.  The students will be able to put into practice the skills that they have learned in the Fire Hose, Fire Streams, and Fire Control chapters of the Essentials of Firefighting Manual.  Building the structure developed team work and allowed the students to be extremely creative.  All of the students in both classes did an excellent job. 

The CTC Hilton...Rooms now available

Cobb's Flag

Cory's mailbox with functioning mail flag

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Aid/CPR Certifications Arrive

The first semester CTC Firefighting Students officially became certified in Adult and Child CPR/AED, Infant CPR, and Standard First Aid.  The certification cards from the American Red Cross arrived in the mail today.  The cards will be distributed to all current students tomorrow.  Any first semester sophomore can come by the Firefighting classroom at your convenience, or Mr. Riddle will get the cards to your respected high school.  Congratulations to all of the first semester CTC Firefighting students for all of your hard work in obtaining this industry certification.  


Introduction to Firefighting 4/11/11


What was your favorite part of Spring Break?


1.  Recognizing an Emergency Lecture
2.  Emergency Action Steps Lecture
3.  Demonstrate the Proper Procedure for Removing Medical Gloves
4.  Demonstrate the 1 and 2 Person Walking Assist
5.  Demonstrate the Pack Strap Carry
6.  Demonstrate  the Seat Carry
7.  Demonstrate the Blanket and Clothes Drag.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

CTC Firefighter I Class In the News

The  afternoon Firefighter I Class is featured in this weeks Belton Honea Path News Chronicle.  The article talks about the live burn scenario that the class participated in on March 18th.  The article also has two pictures from the training exercise.  The morning class will be participating in a similar training scenario on April 15th.  I hope everyone is having a good and restful Spring Break.  I look forward to seeing you on  Monday.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Firefighter I 4/1/11


Describe the safety concerns when fighting a car fire.


1.  Direct a hose stream using a 2.5 inch hose with a fog nozzle with 3 firefighters.
2.  Direct a hose stream using a 2.5 inch hose with a fog nozzle with 2 firefighters using webbing as a hose     strap.
3.  Direct a master stream device.