CTC Firefighting

CTC Firefighting

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Firefighter I/II 8/29/12

Driver/Rider class
Adult/Infant/Child CPR Skills
Adult/Infant/Child unconscious choking skills

EMR 8/28/12

Chapter 1 and 2 Questions
Chapter 1 Presentation

Intro to Firefighting 8/28/12

First Aid/CPR Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 questions
Chapter 1 presentation
Removing gloves skill

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Firefighter I/Firefighter II 8/23/12


Today the juniors and seniors reviewed the Student Handbook and took Handbook Test.  The seniors also got the opportunity to open the new SCBAs and get them ready for service.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Introduction to Firefighting/1st Responder 8/22/12

Reviewed Sylabus, Class Rules, and Class Procedures

Two Former CTC Students Attend South Carolina Fire Academy Recruit School

CTC is proud to announce that two 2012 graduating seniors, Brandon Eddleman and Dakotah McConnell, are currently enrolled in the South Carolina Fire Academy 1151 Recruit School in Columbia.  Both student excelled in the CTC program were ranked among the top of their class.  They are currently in week three and doing well.  We wish them the best of luck and can't wait to hear more from them after graduation.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to another year of CTC Firefighting!  I am excited about what this year holds for our program.  Over the summer, we have been hard at work at improving the curriculum offered to our students at CTC.  This year with the help of the South Carolina Fire Academy, we will be offering our Junior and Senior Classes the opportunity to become NFPA Firefighter I certified.  Students will also be able to take South Carolina Fire Academy's Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Operations.  The students will be taking the new Hybrid Learning classes offered from the Fire Academy.  In the Hybrid Learning setting, students complete an online independent study portion of the program before mastering the skills portions in a traditional learning environment.  CTC is one of three schools in the state offering the Hybrid Learning classes this year from the Fire Academy.  CTC is also looking forward to adding additional online learning classes for its students as they become available.  The Firefighter I certification is the "job standard" for entry level firefighters and CTC students will be marketable and employable after graduation because of this certification.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Responder 4/25/12

Journal:  Describe the 3 different types of splints taught in class.


1.  Head, Neck, and Back Injuries PPT
2.  Cervical Immobilization
3.  Backboarding
4.  Head, Neck, and Back Injuries Chapter Questions

Introduction to Firefighting 4/25/12

Journal:  Describe the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest.


1.  Adult/Child CPR
2.  Infant CPR

Firefighter II 4/24/12

Journal:  Describe the compartment structure and layout for your senior project.


1.  Senior Project

Firefighter I 4/24/12

Journal:  Explain the different methods for removing SCBA entanglements.


1.  Denver Drill PPT
2.  Denver Drill Practical

First Responder 4/23/12

Journal:  Explain the 3 heart rhythms discussed in class.


1.  Muscle and Bone Injuries PPT
2.  Splinting Skills
3.  Muscle and Bone Injuries Chapter Questions

Soft Splint

Anatomical Splint

An unhappy customer

Rigid Splint with Sling and Binder

Introduction to Firefighting 4/23/12

Journal:  Explain the "3 C's" of an emergency situation.


1.  Cardiac Emergencies Chapter Questions
2.  Cardiac Emergencies PPT

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Firefighter II 4/20/12

Journal:  Describe your cab selection for your senior project and why you selected that particular cab.


1.  Senior Project

Firefighter I 4/20/12

Journal:  Describe the steps in locating a downed firefighter and removing him from an IDLH environment.


1.  Locating a downed firefighter
2.  Removing entanglements
3.  Entanglement box

Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Responder 4/19/12

Journal:  What are the four links of the cardiac chain of survival?


1.  2 Rescuer CPR
2.  AED
3. Cardiac Chapter Questions

Introduction to Firefighting 4/19/12

No Class: HSAP Testing

Firefighter II 4/18/12

Journal:  Describe the fire department in your senior project.

Senior Project

Firefighter I 4/18/12

Journal:  Define LUNAR

1.  Assessing a downed firefighter.

First Responder 4/17/12

Journal:  Describe 4 different types of shock.


1.  Test
2.  CPR: Adult/Infant/Child PPT and Skills

Introduction to Firefighitng 4/17/12

No Class: HSAP Testing

Firefighter II 4/16/12

Journal:  Case Study


1.  Test
2.  Senior Project Work

Firefighter I 4/16/12

Journal:  Case Study


1.  Test
2.  Online Course

Friday, April 13, 2012

First Responder 4/13/12

Journal:  Describe the different types of open wounds.


1.  Bleeding Control PPT
2.  Bandaging a Wound Skill
3.  Bandaging an Impalement Skill
4.  Chest/Abdominal Injuries PPT

Introduction to Firefighting 4/13/12

Journal:  Describe the 4 times when you can stop giving care.


1.  Chapter 1 PPT
2.  Removing Gloves Skill
3.  Assessing an Unconscious Pt Skill
4.  Emergency Moves Skill

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Firefighter II 4/12/12

Journal:  Read and Review the William Bridges Case Study


1.  Senior Video
2.  Senior Project work

Firefighter I 4/12/12

Journal:  Read and Review the William Bridges Case Study


1.  Calling the Mayday PPT
2.  Calling the Mayday skill after a floor collapse

First Responder 4/11/12

Journal:  What was your favorite part of Spring Break?


1.  Chapter 20 Questions

Introduction to Firefighting 4/11/12

Journal:  What was the best part of your Spring Break?


1.  Chapter 1 Questions
2.  Question Review
3.  Chapter 1 PPT

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Firefighter II 4/10/12

Journal:  What was your favorite part of Spring Break?


1.  Test Review
2.  Senior Video Practice

Firefighter I 4/10/12

Journal:  What was your favorite part of Spring Break?


1.  Rescuing the Rescuer Module 1
2.  Read, Summarize, and Discuss the John Nance Case Study

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Firefighter II 3/20/12

Journal:  Pre-fire Plan the CTC Shop.


1.  Fire and Life Safety PPT
2.  Fire and Life Safety Project Research

Firefighter I 3/20/12

Journal:  What information should be included in the scene size up?


1.  Workkeys Testing
2.  Make up work

First Responder 3/19/12

Journal:  What are the phases of a tonic clonic seizure?


1.  Medical Emergencies PPT
2.  Chapter 15 and 16 questions

Introduction to Firefighting 3/19/12

Journal:  Define LUNAR

1.  Denver Drill PPT
2.  Denver Drill Practicals

Firefighter II 3/16/12

Journal:  Fire Inspection


1.  Pre Fire Plans

Firefighter I 3/16/12

Journal:  What information should you gather from a caller if you are a 911 dispatcher?


1.  Receiving Emergency Calls

First Responder 3/15/12

Journal:  Describe the flow rates for the different type of O2 delivery devices?


1.  Medical Emergencies

Introduction to Firefighting 3/15/12

Journal:  What are the 3 fire service priorities?


1.  Test
2.  Firefighter Survival PPT

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Firefighter II 3/14/12

Journal:  What information should be included in a fire safety survey?


1.  Chapter 20 PPT Part I
2.  Fire Inspection Skill
3.  PT "Filthy 31"

Firefighter I 3/14/12

Journal:  What are some keys to determining a fire's point of origin?


1.  Finish CFI Class
2.  Communications Chapter Questions
3.  Communitcations PPT Part I
4.  Receiving an Emergency Call Skill

Juniors were also visited today by some students from Marshall Primary who were at the school for a field trip.  CTC students gladly donned their gear and gave the children a tour of the station and the fire truck.