CTC Firefighting

CTC Firefighting

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Journal:  Describe the different types of open wounds.


1.  Soft tissue injuries
2.  Bleeding control skill
3.  Impaled object skill
4.  Chest/Abdomen chapter questions
5.  Chest/Abdomen presentation (up to review)

Introduction to Firefighting 11/28/11

Journal:  Describe the different types of open wounds.


1.  Soft tissue injuries
2.  Burn injuries
3.  Bleeding control skill
4.  Impaled object skill
5.  Bone and muscle injuries chapter questions
6.  Bone and muscle injuries presentation
7.  Test review

Monday, November 28, 2011

Firefighter II 11/28/11

Journal:  What are some signs of an incendiary fire?


1.  Entanglement Review
2.  Built Entanglement Prop in the Maze
3.  Entanglement Drills

Firefighter I 11/28/11

Journal:  Describe the difference in a solid stream and a straight stream.


1.  Fire Control PPT Part 1
2.  Skill Review

First Responder 11/21/11

Journal:  Describe the different types of shock.


Soft Tissue Injuries Chapter Questions
Soft Tissue Injuries Presentation

Introduction to Firefighting 11/21/11

Journal:  Why is Incident Command important?


1.  Soft Tissue Injuries Chapter Questions
2.  Soft Tissue Injuries Presentation

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Training for Firefighter I Class

Firefighter I students held their second Saturday 1152 class at the Anderson County Training Facility on 11/19.  Students participated in ppe donning, fire attack, search, and ground ladder skills.  This was the first opportunity the students have had to attack a Class A fire in the burn building.  The students performed very well.

Some of the Instructors for the day:  David Parker, Larry Bone Greer Jr., and Brady Norris

Students going to the 3rd floor for search

Students checking getting ready to make an attack

A view inside the burn building

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Firefighter II 11/17/11

Journal:  Why is evidence preservation important?


1.  Water Chute Skills
2.  Read Chapter 18 and Answer Questions

Firefighter I 11/17/11

Journal:   What would you do to rescue a conscious victim from a second story window?


1.  Quiz
2.  Fire Streams Presentation
3.  Fire Streams Skills

First Responder 11/16/11

Journal:  What are the ratios for CPR for one and two rescuer adult/child/infant?


1.  Test
2.  Read the Shock and Bleeding Chapters
3.  Answer Chapter Questions
4.  Shock Presentation

Introduction to Firefighting 11/16/11

Journal:  What would you do for a conscious choking child who cannot cough, speak, or breathe?


1.  Conscious Choking Infant
2.  Unconscious Adult/Child Choking
3.  Unconscious Infant Choking
4.  Read the Sudden Illness Chapter and Answer Questions

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Firefighter II 11/15/11

Journal:  Which salvage cover deployment is the easiest?  Why?


1.  Freshmen Tours
2.  Chapter 16 & 17 Test
3.  Constructing a Catch all

Firefighter I 11/15/11

Journal:  Describe the tip placement of a ground ladder for ventilation, entry, and rescue.


1.  One and two firefighter ladder shift
2.  Ladder pivot
3.  Beam raise
4.  Climbing a ladder with a tool
5.  Rescuing a conscious victim
6.  Rescuing an unconscious victim
7.  Three firefighter flat shoulder carry

Monday, November 14, 2011

First Responder 11/14/11

Journal:  What are some scene safety tips to follow when dealing with a behavioral emergency patient?


1.  Freshman Tours
2.  Behavioral Emergencies Presentation Part II

Introduction to Firefighting 11/14/11

Journal:  What are some causes of breathing emergencies?


1.  AED Presentation
2.  AED Skills
3.  Breathing Emergencies Presentation
4.  Conscious Choking Adult/Child
5.  Conscious Infant Choking

Firefighter I Saturday Training

The students in the Firefighter I Class met at the Anderson County Fire Training Center on Saturday to work on skills for the upcoming 1152 evaluation.  Students got to see live fire inside a structure for the first time in program history.  Students also participated in live fire search training and ladder skills. 

CTC Student leaves the burn building after performing a primary search

"CTC Squad 1" packed up and ready to respond

Captain Maness from the Belton Fire Department instructs students prior to performing a primary search

One Firefighter flat raise

Ready to make entry

Firefighter II 11/11/11

Journal:  What are the signs of hidden fire?


1.  Test Review
2.  One firefighter salvage roll
3.  One firefighter salvage fold
4.  Two firefighter salvage fold
5.  Deploying a salvage cover (one firefighter)
6.  Deploying a salvage cover (two firefighter)

Firefighter I 11/11/11

Journal:  List the steps in performing a one firefighter low shoulder carry.


1.  Ladder PPT
2.  Tying the halyard review
3.  One firefighter flat raise

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Responder 11/10/11

Journal:  What are the steps in using an AED?


1.  Enviromental Emergencies
2.  Test Review
3.  Read Behavioral Emergencies Chapter
4.  Answer Chapter Questions
5.  Behavioral Emergencies PPT (Up to Violence)

Introduction to Firefighting 11/10/11

Journal:  What are the steps in performing adult CPR?


1.  Child CPR
2.  Infant CPR
3.  Adult Unconscious Choking
4.  Read AED and Breathing Emergencies Chapter
5.  Answer Chapter Questions Worksheet

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Firefighter II 11/9/11

Journal:  What factors need to be considered before beginning overhaul?


1.  Freshman Tours
2.  Wash and Detail CTC E-1

Firefighter I 11/9/11

Journal:  Diagram the parts of an extension ladder.


1.  Fire Hose Quiz
2.  Fire Hose Assessment
3.  Ground Ladder Lecture Part II (Through slide 63)
4.  Inspecting a Ladder Skill
5.  One and Two Firefighter Low Shoulder Carry
6.  Tying a Clove Hitch Skill