CTC Firefighting

CTC Firefighting

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Firefighter II 10/25/11

Journal:  What was your favorite part of the SC Fire Chief's Conference trip?


1.  Read Chapter 16
2.  Answer Chapter 16 FFI Questions
3.  Chapter 16 PPT
4.  Survival/Mayday Skills

First Responder 10/26/11

Journal:  Describe the process for suctioning an adult patient with a mechanical suction unit.


1.  Airway Quiz
2.  Read the Cardiac Emergencies Chapter
3.  Answer the Chapter Questions
4.  Cardiac Emergencies PPT (up to CPR)

Introduction to Firefighting 10/26/11

Journal:  Draw and diagram the ends of a haligan bar and lists their uses.


1.  Firefighter Roles PPT
2.  Quiz
3.  PT
4.  Maze Search and Rescue

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Firefighter I 10/25/11

Journal:  What was your favorite part of the SC Fire Chief's Conference Trip?

1.  Fire Hose PPT Part 1
2.  PPE Donning
3.  PT
4.  Straight Roll Skill
5.  Method 1 of the Doughnut Roll

First Responder 10/24/11

Journal:  What was your favorite part of the SC Fire Chief's Conference Trip?


1.  Conscious Choking Review
2.  Unconscious Choking
3.  Suctioning
4.  Airway Management

Introduction to Firefighting 10/24/11

Journal:  What was your favorite part of the SC Fire Chief's Conference trip?


1.  Fire Tools PPT
2.  Fire Tools Quiz
3.  Marriage Set Training

Friday, October 21, 2011

SC Fire Chief's Association State Conference

On October 20th and 21st, the students from the CTC Firefighting Program were invited to attend and participate in the SC Fire Chief's Association State Conference which was held in Anderson.  CTC students helped with coffee breaks, running errands, and serving lunch to fire chiefs from across the state.  The CTC students were well received from the fire chiefs and enjoyed being able to serve.  Students were allowed to tour the vendor area and look at the latest in firefighting equipment and technology.  Students also had the opportunity to speak with State Fire Marshall, Adolf Zubia and the Fire Academy Superintendent, Shane Ray.  The students were grateful for the experience.

The Junior and Senior class pose in front of a new Pierce Fire Engine

CTC students serve the fire chiefs lunch

Group shot after setting up for an upcoming coffee break

Students speak with the State Fire Marshal, Adolf Zubia

Students tour the vendor area and learn about the fire trucks on display

Firefighter II 10/19/11

Journal:  What are the four types of ventilation?


1.  Chapters 12 and 13 Test
2.  Self Rescue Skills

Firefighter I 10/19/11

Journal:  Draw and explain the "pictogram" illustrations concerning fire extinguishers.


1.  Chapter 6 and 8 Test

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Responder 10/18/11

Journal:  What did you learn from the videos shown on Friday?


1.  Read Airway Chapter
2.  Answer Chapter Questions
3.  Airway PPT
4.  Conscious Adult and Child Choking Skill

Introduction to Firefighting 10/18/11

Journal:  What was your favorite part of the fire prevention class on Friday?


1.  Test
2.  PT
3.  Window Hangs
4.  Entanglement Drill

Twin Spinning Turtles...Guys, what's that you're wearing on your back again?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Firefighter II 10/17/11

Journal:  Which type of fire extinguisher was the most effective on a class A fire on Friday, and why do think that?


1.  Test Review
2.  PT

Firefighter I 10/17/11

Journal:  Which type of fire extinguisher was the most effective on a class A fire on Friday, and why do think that?


1.  Test Review
2.  PPE Donning

First Responder 10/14/11

Journal:  Define Palpation


Test 2

Introduction to Firefighting 10/14/11

Today the Introduction Class went to Honea Path Head Start to teach the children fire prevention.  Students taught the children how to call 911, crawl low under the smoke, go to a meeting place, and stop, drop, and roll.  After the students finished with the fire prevention class, they headed to the Belton Fire Department for a tour of the station.  While at the station, the students also trained with a Thermal Imaging Camera.  The students had a great time.  A special thanks goes out to Honea Path Head Start and to the Belton Fire Department.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Firefighter II 10/13/11

Journal:  Define Drafting.  Where can water be drafted from?


Today the Firefighter II Class experimented with different types of fire extinguishers to determine their effectiveness on a class A fire.  The students used an AFFF extinguisher and an ABC Dry Chemical extinguisher.  The students found that the AFFF was more effective in suppressing a class A fire.

Firefighter I 10/13/11

Journal:  What are four of the most common types of fire extinguishers and which classification of fire are they used?


Today the Firefighter I Class performed a fire extinguisher demonstration.  The students used an ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher on a class B fire and they used an AFFF fire extinguisher on a class A fire.  The students were able to see first hand the effectiveness of fire extinguishers.

First Responder 10/12/11

Journal:  What are the two different methods for opening an airway and when is each used?


1.  Test Review
2.  Pt. Assessment Skill Assessment

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Firefighter II 10/11/11

Journal:  Describe the Basic Types of Rope Construction.


1.  Test on Chapters 7 and 9
2.  Read Chapter 12
3.  Answer Chapter 12 Questions
4.  Water Supply PPT
5.  Operating a Fire Hydrant Skill

Firefighter I 10/11/11

Journal:  What did you enjoy most about Friday?


1.  Read Chapter 6
2.  Answer the End of Chapter Questions
3.  Fire Extinguisher PPT
4.  Drags and Carries

Tyler and Corey Demonstrating the Extremity Lift

First Responder 10/10/11

Journal:  What are Baseline Vitals?


1.  Patient Assessment Practical Skills

Introduction to Firefighting 10/10/11

Journal:  Describe the steps in calling a "Mayday"


1.  Fire Prevention Review

Friday, October 7, 2011

Firefighter II 10/7/11

Journal:  How do different roof types affect ventilation efforts?


1.  Test Review

Firefighter I 10/7/11

Today the Firefighter I class made a special trip to Marshall Primary School to teach fire prevention.  Students assisted the Belton Fire Department with the program and taught fire prevention classes to the entire school.  CTC students taught the children how to crawl low under smoke, stop, drop, and roll, and to call 911.  The day was a great success and was enjoyed by all.  A special thank you goes out to all of the Belton Firefighters who helped with the program and provided the Belton Fire Department engines.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Responder 10/6/11

Journal:  What can a patient's skin tell a first responder about the patient's condition?


1.  Obtaining Baseline Vitals
2.  Detailed Physical Assessment

Introduction to Firefighting10/6/11

Journal:  Define LUNAR and state the times when someone should call a Mayday.


1.  Breaching and exiting through an interior wall
2.  Coupling identification
3.  Ladder bails

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Firefighter II 10/5/11

Journal:  Describe what can happen when a house is either properly or improperly ventilated.


1.  Test Review
2.  Cutting Torches Demonstration
3.  Ventilation PPT Part II
4.  PT

Firefighter I 10/5/11

Journal:  Describe how each drag and carry can best be utilized.


1.  Fire Prevention Program Review

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Responder 10/4/11

Journal:  Define SAMPLE, OPQRST, and DCAP-BTLS


1.  Performing a Primary and Secondary Assessment
2.  Obtaining a SAMPLE History

Taylor performing a secondary assessment on one of the original "Swamp People."

There is never a dull moment when seniors are around.  Randy becomes my riding partner.

Introduction to Firefighting 10/4/11

Journal:  What is the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck?


1.  Firefighter Safety and Survival PPT
2.  Breaching and Exiting Through a Wall Skill
3.  Following a Hose Line to Safety Skill

Firefighter II 10/3/11

Journal:  Describe the different types of doors and discuss the best ways to force entry on them.


1.  Read Chapter 11
2.  Answer the Chapter Questions
3.  Ventilation PPT Pt. I
4.  PT

Firefighter I 10/3/11

Journal:  What are the steps for escaping a hazardous environment?


1.  Search and Rescue PPT Part II
2.  PT
3.  PPE Donning
4.  Search Skills

First Responder 9/30/11



1.  Patient Assessment
2.  Quiz

Introduction to Firefighting 9/30/11

Journal:  What are the 8 stations of the CPAT?


1.  Fire Apparatus PPT.
2.  Quiz
3.  CPAT Practicals

After the CPAT.  Welcome to Firefighting!!!